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There’s only one Queen Framed Paper Posters

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Meet the perfect means to turn art into decor that makes all the difference.
Each poster is made with 310gsm fine-art paper or 250gsm semi-gloss paper and comes in multiple sizes.
The posters ship with a pinewood frame that has a stylish black finish, and pre-installed hanging hardware with rubber bumpers. The whole piece is protected with shatterproof plexiglass.

There’s only one Queen Framed Paper Posters

.: Materials: 100% pinewood frame and shatter-proof plexiglass
.: 10 sizes to choose from
.: Horizontal and vertical options available
.: Paper thickness: 310 gsm for fine art, 260 gsm for semi-glossy paper
.: Two paper options – fine art and semi-gloss
.: Matte black color frame finish and brown paper backing
.: Pre-installed hanging hardware and rubber bumpers
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

Imperial6″ x 8″ (Vertical)8″ x 10″ (Vertical)11″ x 14″ (Vertical)16″ x 20″ (Vertical)18″ x 24″ (Vertical)
Frame width, in7.879.8412.8718.0319.88
Frame height, in9.8411.8915.8321.8925.87
Frame depth, in0.750.750.750.750.75
Poster width, in6.008.0011.0016.0018.00
Poster height, in8.0010.0014.0020.0024.00
Metric6″ x 8″ (Vertical)8″ x 10″ (Vertical)11″ x 14″ (Vertical)16″ x 20″ (Vertical)18″ x 24″ (Vertical)
Frame width, cm20.0025.0032.7045.8050.50
Frame height, cm25.0030.2040.2055.6065.70
Frame depth, cm1.901.901.901.901.90
Poster width, cm15.2420.3227.9440.6445.72
Poster height, cm20.3225.4035.5650.8060.96




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