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“I started painting since I’m very little”

“I used to copy my father’s drawing and took it from there. Then I got a set of oil paints for my twelfth birthday and then started a big love story. I copied all the big classic oil painters and fell deeply in love with Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt. Later with Van Gogh and Renoir ( big time).”

Anat Zehavi
Born in Tel Aviv Israel in 1974 and lives in the Netherlands.

“I paint because I can’t make music or sing.”

“I love to paint basically everything. I can say that I teached myself to paint.

I work with oil paint. I love to work small lately, (not bigger then 120 cm) but of course it changes all the time.”

detail painting by Anat Zehavi

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… being fabulous and famous around the world!

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maya gallery

Maya’s Benefit
Maya Gallery’s 4th Annual Benefit Art Sale

The Maya Gallery is a public interest institution (Malcar), a non-profit founded in 2018 by established Israeli artists Michael Kovner and Avner Levinson.

Online Benefit Art Sale

The arts community of Israel is stepping up in support of the artists and art venues impacted by the October 7 atrocities, to provide immediate relief and cultivate new initiatives aimed at rebuilding the art community in the western Negev bordering the Gaza strip, “Otef Aza”.

Viral ‘Banksy Queen Elizabeth and Freddie isn’t by him

In tribute to the monarch, many are sharing an incredible piece of artwork that combines Queen Elizabeth with Freddie Mercury.

Fact check!

Is the viral picture of Queen Elizabeth II dressed as Freddie Mercury by Banksy?

+ Newspaper cover: Salzburger Nachrichten
Newspaper article

גרה בהאג ומציירת את ת”א: “העיר הכי מרגשת בעולם”

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Pulchri Studio is een kunstenaarsvereniging en galerie voor hedendaagse kunst, gelegen in het mooie en historische centrum van Den Haag.

Una artista israelí reivindica una obra de Isabel II atribuida a Banksy en las redes

“its MY QUEEN!!! and i love her. Thats why i painted her!,” she continued.

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Article: viral Queen Elizabeth by Anat Zehavi
+ Newspaper cover: Salzburger Nachrichten
Newspaper cover

Salzburger Nachrichten Home Edition, 17/09/2022